Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chicken Enchiladas

Enchiladas are my families favorite but they just seem to take FOREVER!
Maybe because I put too much into. What do you think?

How I make my chicken enchiladas:

First cook your chicken on medium heat. When you have really huge pieces, I like to cut them up so they cook easier. Once your chicken is done, add taco seasonings and water. Let the juices flow.

Now while my chicken is cooking, I made my salsa. That way I'm only dirtying up my processor once. 

Add cooked chicken in processor to shred, with your choice of enchilada sauce, a spoon full of sour cream, jalapeno sauce (I get this from Homeland in the $ isle and my family loves it!) and a little more salsa if you like. 

Get a baking pan out and cover with tin foil. Then spray with a non-stick cooking spray. This way when your done, you do not have to work as hard to clean the pan. (Unless someone thinks these are so good and are willing to do dishes afterwards, but not likely in my house).

Then lay your tortilla out, scoop a spoon of chicken mix on tortilla and add a few slices of Velveeta cheese. Roll up and place in pan, folded side down. Continue until all mixture is gone. 

I pour enchilada sauce on top then cook on 350 for about 15-20 minutes, then I pull the pan out, cover in shredded cheese and cover the pan with tin foil to melt the cheese while I get everything else ready. 

That's it! And they are GGGOOOOODDDD!

Now on a normal blog this is where the recipe would be. Put everything is pretty much Rachel Rayed but I'll list everything anyway.

2-5 lbs of chicken
your choice of flour tortillas
Velveeta cheese
enchilada sauce
taco seasoning
sour cream
jalapeno sauce 
shredded cheese
cooking spray

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