Monday, March 2, 2015

Shopping list for Menu Mar 1st - 7th

How did you shopping list go last week? Did you save any money?

If you are new here, I bet you are wondering why I am giving you a shopping list with no menu. I am trying to get you a week ahead.  Usually when you make your menu, you make a list of what you want then go buy it. Well, some of the items may not be on sale. My goal is to let you buy what's on sale this week, then I'll have a menu off of what you already have.  If you do it this way, you buy what's on sale (save money), then I'll have a menu to go with you sale items (saves time). Saving time, money, and stress is Resolution 3 & 10.

Here is a printable shopping list of everything you will need for my menu this week along with some good buys. Plus I left a few extra spaces to add your additional items for snacks/breakfast/lunches.

Remember, some of the stuff I am using I bought on sale previously. If you follow my shopping list, you'll have the stock and save money too!

*I have added a bonus.*
I made an excel sheet with a list of prices and a place where you can add your prices as well. Then you can see how much your menu actually cost each week. At the end of the month, see how much you spent and saved. :)

Mind you this will feed a family of 5. Some of the things on my list you should have or you can substitute for. Like garlic cloves, just use powder. 

If it has a coupon, I have included source. Even if you don't have time to clip coupons, this will still save you money.

I also have the Homeland Care Books with $5 off purchase of $50.

Hope this helps. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Menu Items

Lettuce $1.59 (Saving Star 20% Rebate) = Prices Varies
Potatoes 59¢ lb
Pictsweet Frozen Vegetables $1.00 (Print Here) = Free
Lou Ann Oil $2.50 (Print Here) = $1.50
Best Choice Cheese $1.50
Imperial Butter 79¢ (Homeland Kiosk) 44¢
Johnsonville Sausage $2.50 (SS 1/11) $1.50
Bumble Bee Tuna 59¢
**Taco Bell Buy 5 Save $3
Refried Beans 39¢
Salsa Con Queso $1.39
Additional Sale Items 
El Monterey Burritoes $3.29 SS 1/25 $1/1 or Print here = $1.29Milk $3.49
Egglands Eggs $2.99 (Homeland Care Book) = $1.99 each
Highland Dip $1.50 (Print) 70¢
Pork Roast $1.99 lb
Catfish Fillets $6.99
Farmland Sausage $2.99 (SS 1/25) = $2.24
Campbells Chicken Noodle 60¢ (SS 2/8) = $1.60 for 4
Ken's Dressing $2.50 (SS 1/11) = 50¢
On-Cor Dinners Price Varies (Print here)
Old Orchard Juice $1.09 (Print here) 18¢ for both

My shopping list is going to cost roughly $55 depending on the size of meat I purchase. 

Even at $55, that's $220 a month.

Homeland match ups are complements of

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