Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year's Resolutions

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year. 

With the New Year, always comes the resolutions. You know, the things we want to do different this year and we usually only remember them for the first two weeks of the year. I made a personal list that is only for my eyes. Things I want to work on that I don't care to share about myself to even my family. Hopefully "when" I change those things, they will notice. Then I have my regular list. That's the list I'm sharing with you! :)

If you follow me on Pinterest, most of my ideas are on my boards.

Here is my wonderful 2015 New Year's Resolutions:

  1. Get more organized.
    If you are like me you have a snack drawer, that's empty; a school supplies/craft cabinet, that you can't find anything; and those extra closets that just have "extra" stuff in it. I feel like most the time we can't find anything. Of course, I mean my family can't find it. How much time and stress would that save me if someone else in my house could actually find something.
    Part of my organization will include not just "stuff" but myself as well.
    This will include menu planning each week, watch for those post. Plus organizing my coupons is a must. I have just let them get out of control.I have a cheat sheet for 40 days of Organization, which several of my plans are for "40 days" but it will probably take me 40 weeks.  So if my house is organized by October, that's not bad right? Just in time for the holidays and it's still in 2015. While I'm doing is involved.....
  2. De-clutter my house.If you follow me on Facebook, you may have saw my post "40 bags in 40 days". It's basically for 40 days you fill up a bag. It can be a donation bag or a trash bag. It doesn't have to be a HUGE bag...just a bag. Easy enough right? This should be an easy task since both myself and #4 are huge pack rats. I plan to have a "garage sale" bag or box as well so we can have extra money for vacation this year.....
  3. Save money.
    I know several of you have seen the 52 weeks of savings. I'm sure we're like most people and we get paid every 2 weeks. Well in one part of that savings plan,that would be putting a way $103 in one paycheck. Now I may not be like my fellow bloggers, but that's a lot for one paycheck. I'm going to revise the "52 weeks" to fit my budget. It may not add up to be $1000 but if I put away $200 this year, that would be awesome for me. I've started by throwing all my change into a jar that's hid in my closet (hey! I have kids!). I'm going to set a goal of how much to try to save each week and go from there. Watch for that post coming soon. I'll also being using coupons more and I want to take whatever I save X's 10% and put that away too. I don't want to just save money, I want to make more money this year without taking time away from my family.
  4. Make more money.
    I'm kind of a crafty person so I've decided to start selling my crafts. Still haven't decided how that's going to go but stay tuned.
    Hobby Lobby is opening soon where I live. They maybe looking for a cake decorating instructor and I would love to do this again. #4 & #5 are older now and would probably enjoy this.
    Since I'm a blogger, I need to put it to better use....
  5. Keep my blog updated
    What's the point of my blog if it's never updated.
  6. Be more active spiritually
    We need to go back to church. #4 & #5 mention it to me all the time. If children want to be closer and learn more about God...I shouldn't stop them. Just another way to have something in common with my kids and spend more time with them....
  7. Spend more time with my kids...
    Other than in sports or PTO. I volunteer... A LOT. I have a non-profit organization, secretary for Indian Parent Committee, PTO Member, and coach little league. Though this does include my children and time with them, is also includes other children. My children do enjoy most of my volunteering. For Christmas we made stockings for children in foster care and delivered them on Christmas Eve. The younger ones enjoyed being "Santa's helper". 
    For his birthday last week, #4 received a board game from his friend. We sat down and played it...and had fun. I've tried the board game thing before and it didn't work. Gonna try this again.
    I want to be more active with them too...
  8. Get in shape
    As crazy as it sounds, this is another way to spend more time with my kiddos. Thanksgiving 2013, myself,  #4 & #5 ran a 5k. They LOVED it. So as I'm losing those 20lbs..we can loose it together. They love to run, go hiking, ride bikes, go skating, and exercise (I have weird boys...ok!) 
  9. Yell less and be more calm with my kids.
    Yes, I'm a yeller. Can't help it. I'm too lazy to walk in the house to find you. It's just easier for me. But this year I want to Yell Less. If they don't hear me the first time (which I still haven't figured out how they miss it), continue on and have them miss out. You really can't miss it if I yell at you for something other than you are just flat ignoring me. I do have a rule in my house...If I yell for you...don't yell back at me. Stop what you are doing, physically walk into the room I'm at, and answer; what, yes, huh...whatever. That way we're all not yelling at each other in house, it's just me yelling.
    I don't tolerate smart mouths or laziness from my kids. I'm not saying I don't get it, everyday, I just don't tolerate it. #3 and I go round and round about this. He believes he does everything in the house and that he can talk to me however he wants. He's my SS so I'm just the caregiver I guess...wrong. I believe in 'Spare the rod, spoil the child'. I will bust their buns in a heart beat, whether the other parent approves or likes it or not. I'm the one caring for them. If we're out and my children are acting a fool, you have my permission to get on to them or whip that butt if needed. I work PT retail, and can't stand when parents let their children run buck wild.
    Way off subject there...Anyways
    I started getting right at my children's level and whispering or talking low to them to stop or whatever they are getting in trouble for.
    So far this year (the whole 7 days) I have NOT yelled a child......
  10. Be more happy
    Keys to happiness....
    1. Less stress...(See resolutions 1,2, & 9)
    Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. (Thanks Elle!)
    3. Be happy and grateful for what I have. This should be a number all by its self and include my children. But I only wanted to list 10 things.
Ten resolutions. That's all. Doesn't seem like much but let's see how it goes. 
I would love to hear some of your resolutions and your tricks or success stories. What do you have planned this year?

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