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Grocery List for Jan 11-18th

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Since one of my goals is to keep my blog updated, I have to start you off somewhere when it comes to shopping.

I have my menu ready to start on Sunday this week. The only reason I am starting it Sunday is because it is #5's birthday and the leftovers go with the rest of the week. 

I plan on doing my coupon shopping on Friday or early Saturday because I honestly do not know when else I am going to do it. I am trying to get you a week ahead.  If you coupon you don't know what is on sale the coming week so you can't plan a menu. My goal is to let you buy what's on sale this week, then I'll have a menu off of what you already have. Usually when you make your menu, you make a list of what you want then go buy it. Well, some of the items may not be on sale. If you do it this way, buy what's on sale, then I'll have a menu to go with you sale items. Saves times, money, and stress (Resolution 3 & 10)

Here is a printable list of everything you will need for my menu next week. Mind you this will feed a family of 5. Some of the things on my list you should have or you can substitute for. Like garlic cloves, just use powder. 

Here are the items on sale this week and where that I will be purchasing. If you follow Couponing 4 Charity, she has a whole list of items and the matching coupons.

  Menu Items
  • Ranch Style Beans 69¢
  • Doritos Tortilla Chips 2/$5.00
  • Best Choice Sugar $1.79 
  • Blue Bonnet 79¢
  • New York Texas Toast $2.29
  • Pasta 99¢
  • Pork Steaks $2.49 lb
  • 10lb Ground Beef 80% $3.49 lb
  • Pork Should Roast $1.99 lb
  • Tyson 5lb Party Wings $2.99
  • Boneless Chicken Breast $1.99 lb
  • Farmland Pork Saugage 99¢ (not on menu but on sell for 2 days)
  Coupon/Sale Items
  • Baby Back Pork Ribs $2.99 lb
  • Crab legs $12.99 lb
  • Chicken of the Sea Tuna 69¢
  • Hormel Chili $1.25
  • Wishbone dressing 3/$5
  • Bacon $2
  Menu Items
  • Cream of Chicken 89¢
  • Shredded Cheese 2/$3.00
  Sale Items
  • Kraft Sliced Cheese $3.99
  • Bologna 99¢
  • Donuts $1.50 bag
  • Ketchup 99¢
  • Del Monte Sauce 79¢
  • Grape Jelly $1.89
Hope this helps. If you have any questions, please let me know. I will post my menu tomorrow for next week so you can see what you are buying for.

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