Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Firelake Deals 1/16 - 1/22

Firelake's sale starts today and ends next Tuesday.  Sometimes you can find some really good deals or if you do not live close to Shawnee, you can price match at your local Walmart (within 50 miles). I do not promise that this is the best prices with coupons, but they are good deals if you need that item. If you remember from my previous post, keep a notebook of your deals, then you'll know a good price when you see one.

A few things to know about Firelake. They do not take printed coupons, price match, or double coupons. However, they do have a rewards card that you can earn points with when you buy Shurfine items.  Your points work like cash and can be removed from your next bill. I usually use mine to buy the boys something from the dollar store.

I  posted what I could find from the ad but if I spot more deals when I go, I will let you know.

*Coupon lingo* 
SS 1/6 = Smart Source Insert from news paper January 6
RP 1/6 = Red Plum Insert from news paper January 6

Velveeta Loaf Cheese $4.49
$1.00/1 coupon included in previous purchased Velveeta loaf
Final Price $3.39

Coffee Mate Creamer $2.99
$1.00/2 Homeland CARE Booklet 
Final Price $2.49 wyb 2

Campbells Chicken Noodle/Tomato Soup 69¢
40¢/4 SS 1/13
Final Price 59¢ each wyb 4

Lean Cuisine Dinners $2.50
$1/5 SS 1/6
Final Price $2.30 each wyb 5

Pillsbury Toaster Strudel 2 for $4.00
50¢/2 SS 1/16
Final Price $1.75 each wby 2

Birdseye Steam Vegetables $1.50
50¢ SS 1/13
Final Price $1.00 

*Shurfine Deals*
Shurfine Sugar $2.00 4lb bag
Shurfine Medium Eggs 99¢ dozen
Shurfine Variety Tomatoes 50¢
Shur Savings Bleach Gallon 99¢ 

*Other Deals*
Old El Paso Refried Beans 99¢
Ranch Style Beans  50¢ 3 for $1.00

Firelake 2% Milk $1.99 Gallon
Hiland Yogurts 4 for $1.00
Blue Bonnet Quarters 59¢
Hiland Sour Cream/Dip 16oz $1.00
Hiland Orange Juice 1/2 Gallon 2 for $3.00Banquet Dinners  99¢

Boneless Beef Rump Roast $2.59 lb
Family Pack Bone in Sirloin Cut Pork Chops $1.29lb
   (Remember this is a family pack. The packs usually start around $7.00)

Wonderful Pistachios 1.5 oz 69¢
Romaine Lettuce 69¢ each
Apples 69¢ lb

King Thin Sandwich Bread 99¢

Happy Shopping!


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