Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Oh boy said WHAT?

Kids say the funniest and craziest things. Sometimes it's just their expressions that make it so funny. I want to remember some of these things so I will post them for all to read. (Remember, I'm posting all my stuff here so I won't forget, at least until I start my pinterest idea collection). To protect my children's identity (and rep) I decided to number each child.

Child #2
(Saturday morning around 10:15)
"Mom I didn't pee this morning.
When did you go pee then?
I haven't... I haven't needed to. My pee knew it was Saturday and it shouldn't be up yet so I haven't needed to pee........"

Child #4
(Child #2 walks in kitchen with hair parted to straighten it and has 4 different sections wrapped in buns)
"You look like a WHO!"
(The facial expression almost killed me and I cried for several minutes from laughing so hard)

Child #5
(Sitting on bed opening his candy, #2 walks by and steals it, Face turned quickly)
"And sissy is just a butt head"

Stay tuned for more!

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