Monday, January 7, 2013

Menu Monday January 7-13

Since being organized is on my list, I have to get back in the habit of making a menu each week. With a family of 6 and 4 kids going different directions, I need to have dinner planned ahead. Last spring I started weekly cooking, where one day I would cook enough for the whole week. It was super nice to have meals prepared in the freezer that just had to be warmed up. Cheap TV dinners made the way my family liked it. I'm going to start it again, just not this week. Most menu's that I see posted on the web, include a LOT of soups. My family won't eat soup so we usually have big size meals that always include some type of beef and seafood.

My goal is to plan my meal from what I bought last week on sale. That way I will have everything I need to make meals and not have to make "extra" costly trips to the store. So one week I will post all the deals that I found and they next week I will post my menu from my items. With my menu I will post the cost of that meal, of course this will not include milk, eggs, etc but for the most part, items will be listed. So, if you went coupon shopping the week before, your stock will be the same.

I didn't shop much last week because of the holiday and coupons have all expired so we're going off what I have. So if you haven't started couponing yet but it's one of your resolutions, this would be a great week to start. OKC's Sundays paper had 5 inserts and I bought mine today at CVS so they are still available. (Check Homeland too and ALWAYS remember to check your paper for the inserts.) 

Most of my shopping is done at Homeland (HL). I refuse to go to Walmart and Firelake (FL) does not take printed coupons so unless their deal is better than Homeland, I don't shop there much either.

Oven chicken (chicken breast @homeland $3.50 for 2 1/2 lbs plus tons of butter that I got for free)
Fettuccine Alfredo (boxed though I love homemade, homeland 99¢)
Libby Canned Corn (Homeland 15¢ a can)
Kraft Mac & Cheese (Homeland 49¢ a box) 
$5.13 family of 6

Game Day - Free Mazzio's Pizza (if you bought $25 worth of gift cards during the holidays, you were given a free pizza)

Fish fillets (Homeland $1.50 box)
Red beans & Rice (ham that I'm putting in it was chopped at hl for $1.50 for 2lbs. Beans 99¢ and Minute Rice $1 a box)
Cornbread (42¢)
Roughly $4.16 because I didn't use all the each box family of 4

Enchilada's (FL-tortillas $1.00, hamburger meat $2 lb. HL- shredded cheese 50¢, sour cream 15¢, enchilada sauce 25¢)
Homemade Salsa (HL- canned tomatoes 15¢)
$3.75 family of 6

Game Day - Hamburger Helper (FL $2 hamburger meat, HL 10¢ helpers)
$2.10 family of 5

Shrimp (HL $4.99lb)
Mom's Rice (my recipe, HL - rice $1bx, angel hair pasta $1bx, chicken stock 19¢)
Rolls (homemade)
$7.18 family of 6

Not sure lol

Total so far for the week is $22.32. Which for the month at this rate $89.28, feeding usually a family of 6. One day out of the week, you should cook and eat leftovers or go out. That's my thought anyways. :)

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