Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year Resolutions

You already know one of my resolutions was to start this blog. So, blog, check. Here are my remaining resolutions: (If I type them, maybe I will remember them and actually do them!)
*     Less stress (yeah right!)
*     Get organized
*     Be a better parent/wife
*     Remodel my house
*     Run at least five 5k’s
*     Find a good home church and stay with it
*     Forgive/forget, don’t judge, and stop trying to change people but just pray for them.

Doesn’t sound too bad, right? Well, let me give you the run down on the first 3, the last 3 will be a breeze. I have 4 kiddo’s (one kiddo doesn’t live here which equals 5 kids), a husband, a cat, and several water animals that live in this house. And not One of them know how to sweep, mop, vacuum or clean in general. I sometimes think my crazy cat Paws can sweep, but he only does it with his paw for like 5 seconds, then he’s like the rest of the family and just wants to eat.

Now, my husband works a lot so I let him slide on housework…most of the time. I do wonder if he strips one part of his outfit in every room, cause I find clothes EVERYWHERE! Still wondering how I’m missing out on that show. ;)

So to start getting organized, control my stress and be a better parent (three in one, multitasking!); I sat down last night and worked on my calendar. This will be the prime controller of all 3. It will help us start to be more organized because everyone’s schedule is right there, it will help my stress level because I bought a big enough calendar to list CHORES for all the kids, and finally will help me be a better parent becomes I’m not stressed out over a dirty house so I’m not trying to kill everyone. Win win for everyone… Ok, me :D

Needless to say not everyone in the house thought my calendar was a good idea nor do they appreciate being a part of my resolutions, but hey, they’ll live. I heard a 10 minute rant on why we have a calendar with chores. As much as my children argue and debate everything, they better be a lawyer or in politics!  And they should always win their debates cause they will argue with a WALL and win!

For now, I’m off to try and get the rest of my house half way clean cause chores really don’t start until Sunday. It will take a few days for the shock to sink in and hopefully less whining cause they have had a few days to “prepare”.

So in the words of Peanut…. Have a Great Freakin Day!!!

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